To Whom It May Concern,

The internet is full of unsecured and open scanners. You can search for them in the same manner you search for websites on google. Many thousands of scanners are reachable with nothing more than one mouse click. A lot of these scanners don't have built in password doors or any other protection, so as soon as you know a scanners IP address you can scan from wherever you are, remotely, and see the content lying on the scan bed at that very moment. You can imagine what kind of confidential data can be collected like that, again no password or any other hurdle needed to be surpassed. 'To Whom It May Concern' computationally analysed the scanned images and deleted every image that gave only slight indication for having sensitive material. We only display scans with no personal data on them.
Remotely accessing devices which are connected to the internet is becoming a major security concern, read the bigger story...

Dirty Bed


Empty Scanner

In Flagranti

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